Hi There! Welcome !

I am Lucia. I like to travel, I like to take beautiful pictures and I enjoy discovering new countries. Together with my friend Joost and our three children, we have already visited many places.

Our children are now adults and we usually go out into nature together. We hike a lot and camp, preferably, in the wild. Back to the basics, where it only goes how many kilometers are left, where is a suitable spot for the tent … and what are we eating tonight? Hence Travel Back to Basic.

We also use this principle when we go out with a 4×4. No all inclusive resorts, but a long drop toilet or hole in the ground. Or if, for example, we go island hopping like in Cape Verde, no expensive hotels but simple guesthouses where you sleep in a sober room, but are welcomed with open arms and have a beautiful view.

I like to share my experiences and give you tips and advice. But you can also just look at the photos. Enjoy this site and plan a new trip! Adventures great or small, the world is waiting for you! Why are still sitting there?

In 2020 we’ve set ourselves a new goal! The Netherlands has 21 national parks. We have set ourselves the goal of visiting all these beautiful parks within a year. I make a report with beautiful photos of every visit. Do you want to see which parks we have already visited? Then take a look here!

Besides of visiting all those beautiful parks, we also make small adventures, microadventures like hiking in the pitch dark or we let us drop en try to make our way home without a map.

You can also follow me on Instagram. Besides traveling, hiking and photography, Postcrossing is my hobby. Postcrossing is an international postcard exchange project that has been around for 15 years. I have been a member for 6 years now and have sent about 1,300 cards to people all over the world.