Below is an overview of the campsites and accommodations where we stayed during our adventures in Norway and Denmark.


Many campsites have a kitchen, which is useful if you as a cyclist (or hiker) spend the night at the campsite. Usually it means that there is a stove and refrigerator or a stove, sometimes with an oven. In some cases also a kettle and occasionally pans and/or crockery, but usually not. I’ll mention it if there are actually pans. Often you can also sit somewhere inside on campsites in Scandinavia, a so-called bad weather room. If you are on the road with a small tent, that is very nice. I’ll mention it below if there is such a space.

Holman Camping

A small, well-organized campsite, right on the river and on the E40. Outdated facilities (small kitchen) and sanitary facilities. Need shower coins.

Fjordglott Camping, vlak voor Rodberg

Larger campsite. Across the river. The sanitary building had just burned down, in its place there was a container with warm, nice and free showers. No kitchen and no sauna (which is still mentioned on the website). There is no reception. Payment by email (never heard of it again). There is another campsite at Rodberg, but it is not on the route.

Fjellhotel Lia 

Cozy hotel with large (somewhat older) rooms. Friendly owners. You feel very welcome. Good food, especially the breakfast is superb! The bicycles can be covered in the shed.

Geilo camping en hytter

Campsite aimed at campers, you are standing on a field behind a fence. A plus is the covered picnic table, which you have to share with other guests (can be busy). Sanitary fine. No kitchen. Little atmosphere, owner not very friendly. The site is about 2.3km past the village (not on the route).

Flam camping

Large busy campsite with excellent facilities. You can cook here and eat indoors in several places. No pans in the kitchen, but a kettle, oven. Showers are nice. The campsite is close to the village with a supermarket.

Voss Parkhotel

Outdated hotel, with small room. Sanitary ok. Breakfast buffet was extensive and delicious. Bicycles can be stored in the cloakroom.

Bergen Augustin Hotel

A hotel with friendly owners. Bicycles can be stored downstairs in the basement or in the luggage storage, just like the bags. We were allowed to repair our bicycle in the basement. Location is great, near the center of Bergen and the sights.

Fitjar Camping

Small campsite with mainly regular caravan guests. There are some tent spots on the water and on the hill/rocks. We were almost alone here. Good sanitary facilities. Large kitchen, kettle, no pans. You can also sit inside.

Haraldshaugen Camping Haugesund

Large campsite, mainly geared to motorhomes, on the coast. Beautiful sunsets! Very good facilities. Nice kitchen, kettle, oven, no pans. There is a heated room. You can sit both inside and outside. Sanitary very nice! Close to the North Sea Cycle Route and to shops.

St Svithun Hostel bij het Ziekenhuis Stavanger

A good and cheap hostel near the hospital, outside the center. We couldn’t find it that easy, but you go in at the main entrance of the hospital, behind that is the reception of the hostel. Nice rooms, good sanitary facilities. Downstairs in the basement an extensive kitchen (with crockery and pans, refrigerator).

Buoy camping, Dalen

Large, natural and beautiful site, run by a Dutchman. Some outdated plumbing, but neat. Kitchen with stove only. No place to sit covered.

Huisje via Airbnb in Ustaoset

From Hans Christian. Nice wooden cabin, near the National Parks Hardangervidda and Hallingsverket. Located high above the road, near other holiday homes. Nice view. Cozy house, with wood stove and nice decor. You can walk well in the area.



Large and functional campsite on the coast, near the ferry. Pleasant and extensive sanitary facilities. Big kitchen. Possibility to sit inside and outside. Little atmosphere.

Dragstrup camping op eiland Mors

Large campsite, naturally landscaped, with many fields. At the beginning of the campsite many regular caravan guests, behind it a number of beautiful and quiet fields. Many play options for children and a swimming pool. Outdated but good sanitary facilities. Friendly owner. Behind the campsite is a nature reserve where you can walk. This campsite is also close to Thy National Park.

Ballum camping bij de Waddenzee

Run by Dutch people. Large campsite with many fields, large playground, good sanitary facilities. There is a lot of wind, on the fields in the back less wind. Many Dutch people on the campsite. Small kitchen, with some pans and crockery. You can sit inside and outside (covered).