This 60 km2 nature reserve is located on the Belgian-Dutch border, near Hoogerheide, Essen and Kalmthout. A very varied park with fens, heath and forests. And a three-star sanctuary and Natura 2000 area. What does this park have to offer you? You can go hiking, cycling, mountain biking and horseback riding.

We have set ourselves the goal of visiting the 21 National Parks of the Netherlands within a year. Here you can read all about the parks we allready visited. Kalmthoutse Heide is one of them!

25 hiking trails and 4 entrance gates

You can start one of the 25 walking routes at the four entrance gates, but also elsewhere. The four entrance gates are located in Ossendrecht, Essen, Kalmthout and Putte / Stabroek. The extensive website of the park guides you through and also has a clear walking map. Each route is clearly marked on the map, with a color and an animal. The lengths of the routes are listed behind the routes. There are even routes for the visually impaired / blind and less mobile people.

At the four entrance gates you will find all the information, such as a map and you can also have a snack or drink.

Volksabdij in Ossendrecht

We have often walked in this beautiful park. We will then walk the Vos bij de Staartse Heide walking route or make a tour around the Kleine or Grote Staart, two pools in the Ossendrechtse Duinen. We have also started from the Vroente in Kalmthout. This time we choose the Volksabdij in Ossendrecht.
This is where the Kikker hiking trail starts, a walk of about 6.5 kilometers along fens and through the woods of the Volksabdij. It is a varied route.

The Brabantse Wal

Because you are hiking here near the Brabantse Wal, there is now and then a slight rise and fall. In our opinion, this makes the walk even more fun. In West Brabant we are less used to the hilly landscape, which is much more common in the east and south of our country, for example. If we then have some hills, we immediately become enthusiastic. In any case, it makes the walk varied.


There are ten fens in the vicinity of Ossendrecht. Some more visible than others. Some are filled every time by rainwater that slowly seeps into the soil, others are permanent. Did you know that the sheep used to be washed here before they were sheared? And that the population came to wash their clothes in the pool?


Of course we also see a lot of mushrooms and the leaves are already beginning to discolor. Autumn is beautiful in the forest!


  • Start and end point: Natuurpoort Volksabdij Ossendrecht
  • Length: hiking route Kikker, 6.5 kilometers. Lots of other options
  • Level difference: hilly here and there
  • Information: a lot of information about the routes and a clear map can be found on the Grenspark Kalmthoutse Heide website