Offcourse we will visit the famous Posbank in National Park Veluwezoom, but we also hike Trage Tocht Laag Soeren. A varied walk through a lesser known part of the Veluwezoom. With an exciting path over the Jutberg! During another visit we go mountainbiking, also a very nice way to see this area!

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Here you can read more about which accommodation we used while staying in this area.

Trage Tochten

Trage Tochten are hikes through woods, meadows and town, for lovers of unpaved walks. They are often alternate and quiet despite their growing popularity. There are no markers and you have to find your way by following the directions. They are generally very clear. For us, the aspects unpaved and quiet are important, this greatly increases the walking pleasure!

Laag Soeren

This Trage Tocht starts in Laag Soeren. We park the car at De Harmonie and cross the road, we soon pass the beautiful Reformed church from 1935. The first part goes along a number of beech lanes and we immediately get into the mood. We continue via Le Paradou, a nice name for an idyllically situated house in the forest.
After we have crossed the road we arrive in the National Park Veluwezoom. Here we walk along long avenues, where Lotje let Liesje walk or vice versa. It is wonderfully quiet here.


Here and there we hear a woodpecker, unfortunately no trace of other game such as deer or wild boars. After a quiet lunch on a tree trunk, we enjoy the beautiful surroundings around kilometer 6, 7. There is more variety here. The hilly nature provides some loose passages through the sand, where we really have to do our best and come up puffing. It also makes the route attractive to us.

Mushrooms, autumn has arrived

Although the leaves are not really discoloring yet, judging by the amount of mushrooms, it is clear that autumn has really arrived. Everywhere we can enjoy large groups of fly fungus, honey fungus and stump fungus.


Just before the houses of the De Jutberg recreation park, we turn left and climb up. Here the wide avenue changes into a narrow, exciting path that goes up and down.

Priessnitzhoeve and Priessnitz tower

At the end of the walk we get some culture. After we have passed the Priessnitzhoeve we see the Priesnitz tower. A white tower, which wrongly resembles a chapel.

This obelisk was built in memory of four hydrologists. Working in the bathhouse and spa built by the wealthy banker Jut van Breukelenwaard. They even had cold water therapies at the time. Jut had positive experiences with hydrotherapy and wanted to let others heal with spring water as well. The clean spray water formed the basis for various treatments.


  • Start and end point: Restaurant De Harmonie, Laag Soeren
  • Length: officially 14 km, 16 km
  • Level difference: hilly terrain, here and there loose sand
  • Information: via the website of wandelzoekpagina

De Posbank, Herikhuizerveld en de Bronstroute

The second walk we take in Veluwezoom National Park is the Posbank Veluwezoom route of 5 kilometers that starts at the Visitor Center. This is the most famous part of the National Park. Everyone knows the purple hilly terrain that you see when you stand at the viewpoint De Posbank!

Visitor center Natuurmonumenten

What not everyone knows is that Natuurmonumenten is the manager of the entire National Park. They have a nice visitor center in Rheden, from which several routes start. Here you can find a lot of information about the trees, plants and animals and of course you can buy beautiful books and maps. Next to the visitor center is an attractive restaurant and a beautiful IVN garden where you can buy plants for an apple and an egg.

The hike

But we come to hike. As mentioned, we start at the Visitor Center and quickly walk up, past beautiful high beeches and oaks. Along a sheepfold, where curious sheep take a look. And past mushrooms, because here it is also autumn.


Soon we arrive at the Herikhuizerveld, a beautiful piece of nature. Beautiful paths, past imposing trees, the last remains of purple heather and hilly terrain, together make Herikhuizerveld. That part where you look out when you stand on the viewpoint De Posbank.

Beautiful all seasons

Although it is raining, we still enjoy the walk. Although the view is less beautiful, it is clear that it is a very beautiful area, in every type of weather and in every season. We enjoy a nice hot cup of tea on a bench and walk on, while the clouds linger between the trees.


  • Start and end point: Visitor center Natuurmonumenten Veluwezoom, Rheden
  • Length: 5 kilometers
  • Level difference: hilly terrain
  • Information: on the website of Natuurmonumenten


We are not only here to walk, also to enjoy the Bronst. A special period in which the male deer by bellowing and fighting shows who is the strongest and who has the right to mate with the hinds. You should be able to hear the deer during this Bronstroute… We are curious!


This route starts near the Posbank. You can therefore possibly combine it with the Posbank Veluwezoom route, you can also park the car in the Herikhuizen or Elsberg parking lot and start from there. We start at Herikhuizen.

Highland Bulls

Red deer, wild boars and Scottish Highland cows live in this area. We come across the latter immediately when we start walking. Two huge bulls cross our path.

The right path

We walk the route to the right and immediately have some trouble finding the right path. There is an asphalted cycle path, a mountain bike path (which rises and falls considerably) and a combined equestrian and walking path. The latter is the furthest from the cycle path. We walk a bit on this, but when we get close to the Rherder and WorthRhederHeide we decide to walk on the cycle path anyway. You then have a magnificent view of the area.

View over the heath

This view is also enhanced by some wildlife, we see a red deer with lots of antlers and a number of Scottish highland Cows. A little later we hear the bellowing… they are nearby!
In the distance we see Elsberg, a wildlife observation hut. While we are there, this cabin will be closed, but I can imagine you have a good view of the area here. The part of the route that runs along the Elsberg is less fun to walk. It is a boring piece of forest and you walk on a wide path.

Wildlife photographers

On the other side of the heath we do not spot any game, but several game photographers. Of course they are here for a reason. Unfortunately it is still quite early and we cannot wait for dusk, so we don’t see any game anymore.

Peace and quiet on the heather

The last part we walk along the other side over the heath. What tranquility reigns here. No ambient noise, hardly any other hikers. And it is a beautiful area. It is only interrupted by an enormous work of art, it seems like one big pair of antlers.


  • Start and end point: Herikhuizen or Elsberg car park, or combination with Veluwezoom Posbank walk
  • Length: 8.5 kilometers
  • Level difference: slightly hilly
  • Information: on the website of Natuurmonumenten

The dessert…. Posbank, for the last time

Before we drive home, we take one more look at the Posbank. It is now sunny and we want to enjoy the view over the Herikhuizerveld for a while. What a beautiful part of the Netherlands this is!

Mountainbikeroute De Veluwezoom

In addition to hiking, De Veluwezoom National Park is very suitable for cycling. The new MTB route was created by a collaboration of Natuurmonumenten, volunteers and ecologists. It is well thought out and developed.

Rental location

We rented mountain bikes from Oversteegen Veluwe Actief. You can find Veluwe Active at the Visitor Center of Natuurmonumenten, in Rheden. In addition to various mountain bikes, they also rent electric bicycles, tandems, scooters and electric scooters. Have a look at their website and find something nice. When you rent a mountain bike, this includes the use of the helmet and the mandatory MTB permit. A mountain bike for an adult costs about 21 euros per day.

Oversteegen Veluwe Actief is a well-organized company with excellent service. They explain the route clearly, are willing to change bikes and arrange an extra saddle pad.

Mountain bike route

As mentioned, we start at the Visitor Center. Here is route point number 53. You drive north, to route point 69 and 66. From 69 to 66 you cycle along the beautiful Herikhuizerveld. The mountain bike route starts at number 66. Here you take part of the red course, the Granny Trail, a technical part.

Anwb sign no 20358 has a nice fire tower. You can climb the first floor. Nice view over the Rozendaalse Veld. Then you drive further along the Rherder and Worthrhederheide.
You can also drive east at the Anwb sign, then you will first reach the Posbank and the Onzalige Bossen. This is more difficult, because you have more ascend and descend.

Study the map and pause

We first cycled to the north. After about 20 kilometers, we are at the northernmost part of the route, near Loenen. Very beautiful here! We pause and study the map. The route is very varied. Some parts are quite technical, other parts are on a wider path, sometimes the normal cycle path. This is less challenging, but also nice. And if it drops a bit, you can slide down smoothly.

More technical skills are required here and there between Loenen and the Eerbeekse Veld. with narrow paths that go up and down nicely. We are starting to enjoy it more and more, although we also have some saddle pain …

Beautiful environment

The route goes through different parts of the De Veluwezoom National Park. We have walked here a few times, but now experience the environment very differently. It is and will remain beautiful, especially with the autumn colors! It is enjoyable from start to finish. We do not encounter game. Is that because we fly past too fast or because we cycle there during the day? We see a number of Scottish Highlanders but unfortunately no deer or wild boars.

Hustle and bustle

We cycle the mountain bike route on a Friday, during the autumn holidays. It is not very busy in the morning, but in the afternoon there are some other cyclists. This is sometimes difficult on the narrow paths in the forest. Mountain bikers tend to ride fast and since the path is two-way you sometimes suddenly have to sideways. This is a disadvantage of this route. I wonder how that goes on the weekend… ..


Here and there there are “shortcuts”, marked with a white triangle. Here you can shorten the route slightly. At the Lange Juffer parking lot, for example. The total route is about 45 kilometers, because you have to pick up the route somewhere, there are still some kilometers. If you also drive the red loops, you will end up at about 53 kilometers.
At the Lange Juffer we cycled towards Posbank, while Joost did the southern green loop with Pepijn and Silas. They cycled 48 kilometers and we just over 40 kilometers. It was a perfect day!


  • Start and end point: Visitor center Natuurmonumenten “Oversteegen Veluwe Actief”, bicycle rental. Rheden, Node 53. Several other starting points are possible, such as De Steeg, Rozendaal, Laag Soeren and Loenen.
  • Length: 45 kilometers plus approach route, without red loops
  • Level: 500 to 600 vertical meters
  • Information: You can find more information on the website Mountainbikeroute Veluwezoom and on the website of Trailforks