There are now an awful lot of podcasts to listen to about hiking, adventurous life and interesting places in the Netherlands or abroad. But which podcast is right for you? Below I give you some interesting tips for nice podcasts. And they are all in English! Have fun listening!

Are you not that fond of podcasts and do you rather read a book, click here for tips about books.

The Dirtbag Diaries

An enormous amount of beautiful stories about hiking, climbing, kayaking, skiing…. Name an outdoor sport and you can find a story about it in The Dirtbag Diaries. Lots of variety and pleasant listening. The Dirtbag Diaries have been around for 13 years now, they have their own website and make 24 episodes per season with stories from and about other outdoor enthusiasts. There is something for everyone so scroll through their episodes and start here to listen.

BBC Earth Podcast

A delicious English podcast about the world we live in. With the quality that you are used to from the BBC. About nature, science with stories about beautiful landscapes, special creatures. Three series, each of 8 episodes, have already been made. An episode lasts half an hour. Episodes cover a variety of topics, such as about special animals, behind the scenes at a BBC nature series, what it’s like to be in the eye of the storm and the philosophical question “can something last forever?”. As they state themselves “Close your eyes and open your ears” and travel with us.

Click here if you want to listen to an episode of the BBC Earth Podcast.

The Doorstep Mile Podcast

This podcast only takes a few minutes each time and encourages you to lead a more adventurous life. Alastair Humphreys has cycled around the world for four years, rowed across the Ocean and walked through India. He knows what it is like to go on an adventure. He wrote several books about it.

A few years ago he also wrote Micro Adventures, about adventures close to home. This podcast has to do with this indirectly, because more adventurous life is in the mindset. They are very small things that you can do every day. He invites you to try out new methods, to gain ideas and experiences. This podcast is not a bunch of tips, more a self-help book. Because you have to take the step yourself to go outside, to discover. Alastair challenges you!

Click here if you want to listen to an episode of The Doorstep Mile.

Living Adventurously Podcast

Another podcast from Alastair Humphreys! I’m a fan, but you already knew that. He has made a podcast in which he asks someone close to him in every episode what it means to them to live more adventurous. Because, says Alastair himself, this means something different for everyone.

He’s got on his bicycle, his own adventure, and traverses Yorkshire in search of interesting stories. Almost all people he speaks to have a clear ‘outdoor’ side, they climb, they swim, they walk… but they also have a job. How do they combine that? What choices do they make and what is their position in life? Each podcast lasts about half an hour. Listen here to one of the 58 episodes.

The Training for Trekking Podcast

An English-language podcast that helps hikers, hikers and mountain hikers prepare for all their adventures. Rowan Smith, an Australian, interviews specialists and coaches about training schedules, diets, back pain and materials to use during your training sessions. The podcasts vary greatly in time, sometimes 8 minutes, sometimes more than an hour, depending on the topic. There are many episodes to listen to, the podcast is broadcast several times a week. Try an episode here.

The first 40 miles

An English podcast for the novice walker. If you have a partner who has plenty of experience with thru hikes and you become slightly insecure when he talks about straps, carabiners and burners, then it is good to listen to this podcast.

This podcast started in 2014 (and stopped in 2018) and each episode lasts approximately 30 minutes. It’s a fun, varied podcast with episodes about essentials in your gear, how to keep your backpack light and why you should bring (or not) a screwdriver. The creators are Heather and Josh Legler, an enthusiastic American couple who will make you an “expert” in half an hour, so you can already plan your new hike! Maybe this a good podcast for you? Try it here.

Hike Explore, Wander, Live

An English-language podcast created by Lori Prima, also responsible for the magazine Hike. It is a podcast for and by walkers. The love for walking is central. Lori interviews fellow walkers and discusses their preparation, equipment and experiences. Both novice and advanced adventurers will enjoy this. Average delivery lasts 25 to 45 minutes and is on one of the beautiful trails in America. Lori has a nice voice to listen to, try it out here.